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Monday, 6 May 2013

Fudge - a success story

Fudge - a simple sweet treat made with just a few ingredients, but boy has it given me problems in the past. 

But at last I have made fudge that has set and cut into lovely cubes. I think it is an improvement on last week's fudge failure and even  the year before

What was different about how I made the fudge this time? Well to be honest I am not really sure.  It could be that I have used a different saucepan, one with a heavy bottom. Or I used a different recipe, or even that I used an out of date tin of evaporated milk! 

I used a recipe from Good To Know Recipes. The only difference being I added a 'dollop' of crunchy peanut butter to the fudge as I was stirring the fudge off the heat.

If you have a favourite fudge recipe you can recommend to me, do  let me know.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Local Food Festival - Shropshire's Best

On Saturday morning I popped out to browse around a local food festival organised and held by Greenfields Farm Shop in Muxton, Shropshire. There were many lovely craft and food stalls representing the local area, I got tempted to pull my camera out a few times for you to share some of my lovely finds. As ever I got drawn in by all those naughty but nice stalls, as you do.

The first stall I hit was A Pie and a Pint, I skipped the pint after all it was only just ten in the morning! But I did give in and purchased a sausage roll and a meat and vegetable pasty. Later at home the sausage roll was warmed up in the oven and I have to say the pastry was lovely and flaky and melt in your mouth, and no sign of any gristle in the meat like you can sometimes find in awful shop bought sausage rolls. The pasty was equally as tasty.
Its not a pie or a pint
Now you all know the problem I have with fudge, so the only way at the moment for me to enjoy proper fudge is to buy some. Now when I spotted The Ultimate Fudge Outlet stall I knew I was on to a winner, there really was an amazing choice of different flavours to choose from. I selected the Caramel and Honeycomb Fudge. I am doing quite well, its day 2 and there is still some left!
Decisions, decisions?
Cakes. Every food festival has several cakes stalls, and why not, after all cake is always extremely popular. I'm a sucker for a cup cake or fairy cake, but that's a debate for another occasion. There was an excellent selection of cakes stalls to choose from and I showed a lot of restraint and only picked one cake, a Red Velvet Cupcake from a stall called Nom Noms. 
Red Velvet
I think this is the first time I have had a Red Velvet where the actual inside of the cake really did have an appearance and texture of velvet. It tasted wonderfully moist but not dense, with a lovely light cream cheese topping (sorry I don't like the word frosting). For the first time when buying a Red Velvet cupcake I was not disappointed.
Naked cupcake!
I also popped into the farm shop, I bought a huge loaf of fresh white bread, some liquorice sweets for my mum on behalf of my brother and a few bunches of Spring Daffodils. 

These were just a few of the stalls at the food and craft festival, though I was slightly disappointed to find that Mike's Homemade was not there. I had planned to buy some Passion fruit and Orange curd that I had spotted on his Facebook page a few weeks ago. I have some great ideas on incorporating this into volcano cakes and a Passion Fruit and Orange Meringue. I will have to keep my eye out next time I pop into the farm shop.

This post is my way of sharing all that is good about the county of Shropshire. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fudge Failure

Cherry and Vanilla Fudge

I love fudge its one of my favourite sweets, whether it be crumbly or the soft smooth and creamy variety, I love them all. Then of course you have all the flavoured fudges to choose from chocolate, cherry and chocolate, fruit and nut, the choices are endless.     

I've tried making fudge four or five times now, and on each occasion its been a fudging failure. You name it I've tried it - Easy Fudge Recipe the one that did not set. Super Easy Fudge Recipe a crumbly burnt concoction. Very Easy Fudge Recipe semi edible but just not fudge. Even the Easy Peasy Fool Proof Chocolate Fudge Recipe another disaster.  I don't know which of the fudge making skills evade me. Could it be I'm using the wrong type of saucepan, well after all a bad workman blames their tools. Maybe the heat is too hot or what about a failure to stir rapidly enough or maybe even the simple fact that I'm just inept! 

A lesser person would let this constant failure defeat them, but not me this is now a challenge and failure is simply not an option. One day I will make fudge. One day it will be edible. One day it will be amazing. That one day may be far far away or maybe that one day will be one day soon.
Sadly it will not be today, this time around I attempted Cherry and Vanilla Fudge, a recipe using up some left over condensed milk. It kinda looks like fudge, but the consistency is far from fudge, more of a cross between toffee and fudge, toffudge even!  Whilst it did not taste like fudge it was still very sweet and edible.

Do you have any tips for making perfect fudge, please feel free to share them with me all help gratefully received.